The bagher in volleyball_ how to run it and how to improve it

In most cases (about 80%), the use of a bagher is used for reception. This underlines the importance of this particular response shot, used when the ball arrives low, below the line of the shoulders. To improve in the bagher, of which there are three types (support, reception and defense), there are several aspects that must be considered and some key points to work on.

Important elements for the bagher

The first consideration to make concerns the trajectory of the ball: as in the case of receiving by dribble, you must work on the ability to perceive the points of the trajectory, find the right position of contact with the ball and adjust their movements. Those who are preparing to receive in bagher should know that the point of contact with the ball is more or less at the height of the navel.

Another point on which you can work is posture: the use of arms should be limited to a minimum. The receiver should know that when the ball to be hit in bagher is fast, the posture should be lower, but if the bagher is performed near the net, the plane of rebound should be as parallel as possible to the ground.

The body weight moves to the forefoot (although it is not necessary to lift the heels), with one leg slightly ahead of the other. The position of the legs is fundamental for the success of a perfect execution of the bagher: for this reason the player can train on aspects such as his balance and his ability to move.

With his wrists turned, his arms are open, but not completely outstretched. The point of contact with the ball must be just above the wrists, on the forearms that, supine and close together, create a large surface and as homogeneous as possible (the inclination of which determines the direction in which the ball exits). For this reason, the arms must be stable and symmetrical, with the elbows turned inwards. The hands bind in this way: the strong one takes the weak one, with the thumbs narrow and parallel to each other.

The phases of the bagher

To perform a perfect bagher you must follow in the best way the three main phases, each of which consists of several steps

  • Preparation: it consists in moving towards the ball, assuming the correct position. You have to join your hands, spread your feet over your shoulders, bend your knees by moving the center of gravity of the body down and prepare the plane of rebound with your arms, keeping your back straight and your eyes on the trajectory of the ball.
  • The execution: the ball is received in front of the body, the legs are slightly extended, while the arms (which remain below the level of the shoulders) accompany the ball towards the target. The body weight must be moved in the direction of the target, continuing to look at the ball in its trajectory.
  • The continuation: the hands remain united and the elbows closed, with the arms following the direction of the ball. The weight always goes in the direction of the target and the look continues to follow the trajectory.

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