How to choose sports supplements

Those who practice sport or physical activity on a regular basis, first get to ask themselves some questions about the use of sports supplements that may be more or less suitable depending on the situation. Performance and athletic condition are influenced in the first place by what we introduce into our body and the most important part is obviously carried out by the diet.

However, dietary supplements for sportsmen can be used if necessary to achieve what is missing in the diet according to their goals. We will see in this in-depth analysis some general rules to orientate ourselves in the choice.

Sports supplements: don’t exaggerate is the first rule

As with food, we must not exaggerate with supplements either, because it could be a strategy that is not only not working but also counterproductive. Anyone who wants to increase mass must observe a positive calorie balance, i.e. introduce more calories than those burned, but this does not mean eating indiscriminately or introducing many dietary supplements. Anyone looking for more muscle mass usually increases the consumption of protein, especially of animal origin, but you must consider that our body can not absorb more than a certain amount of it and also it is a nutrient that with this source does nothing but further acidify the internal pH of our body (which should remain basically alkaline).

Similarly, even for those looking for a greater muscular definition or a general weight loss, the principle on which the programming revolves becomes the calorie deficit or the introduction of fewer calories than those burned, which is the prerequisite for losing weight.

From the quality of the diet, of the supplements and of the type of training we will be able in this way to define a body composition that goes to the detriment of the fats but that however favours the musculature. The loss of tone and elasticity in fact are unfortunately situations that often occur in the context of training and diets aimed at the loss of extra pounds, because of an unbalanced diet, excessive training or any other alterations that affect the overall physical and health.

Practical tips for taking sports supplements

If we wanted to give ourselves a discipline on the assumption of supplements we could, for example, decide not to take more than three different ones every day, follow loading and unloading cycles in which we completely suspend the use of supplements or some of them in turn. With respect to the indications on the label, it is always good to observe the doses scrupulously and in any case not to exceed twice the quantity indicated, in accordance with the indications of your specialist.

Food and training should be conducted in synergy to make the supplements even more effective and reach your goal faster.

Don’t underestimate vitamin supplements

Of all the supplements, vitamin supplements are among the few whose usefulness is universally recognized because they are in addition to those micronutrients that we will have to introduce through the diet and that for modern habits and the quality of food we can hardly take enough. In the same way, protein supplements should not be overestimated, especially if our diet is already particularly rich in them.

As far as amino acids are concerned, there are numerous formulas on the market that can be used before, during and after training. Those based on concentrated leucine are more suitable at the end of physical activity, for example. Each subject can react differently to the supplement, finding benefits more or less superior to those of another subject.

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