How to choose basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes should be comfortable, soft, and lightweight. When choosing shoes, first of all, pay attention to the height, sole, and material of manufacture. Your comfort on the playground depends on these parameters. Choose your basketball shoes for volleyball.

Ankle height

Athletic shoe models are high, medium, and low. Which sneakers to choose for basketball depends on the player’s weight and position on the court:

  1. High (high). Such models are stable and securely fix the ankle joint. But there is a minus – they are heavy. In addition, the high block hinders movement, slows down the basketball player’s speed. High sneakers are suitable for large, tall players – heavy striker and center.
  2. Average (mid). This shoe is preferred by versatile players, light hitters, and snipers. Weight, ankle height corresponds to the average values.
  3. Low (low). The sneakers do not fix the ankle well, but they are the lightest, which increases the athlete’s maneuverability: a sharp change of direction, a quick stop. Suitable for fast players, attacking defenders.

When choosing equipment for this criterion , take into account personal preferences. For example, the center may be uncomfortable in high-top sneakers, and the attacker in low ones. 


The outsole is another important parameter. It is necessary that it is made of non-slip materials: rubber or polyurethane. It should bend well in the forefoot and harder in the middle. It is more convenient to jump in such shoes. For reliable grip, a small tread pattern is required. And consider the type of site you are going to play on. Choose a harder sole for the outdoors, and a softer one for the gym. 

Since the athlete has to jump a lot during the game, good cushioning is important in the shoe. It can be made in the form of gel or wave-like inserts. Each sports brand has its own technology. For example, Nike has a Nike Zoom unit, a bouncy foam that sits in the midsole. It not only dampens shocks, but also gives a return impulse for movement. The athlete’s jumps become higher and the speed – faster. Some manufacturers use EVA insoles, which also have cushioning properties.


For basketball, it is best to consider synthetic fabric shoes. It is comfortable, flexible and virtually weightless. Synthetics – durable material: sneakers will keep their look for a long time , they are easy to care for. Many models can be washed with a soft brush and mild detergent solution. 

There are sneakers with a mesh upper: they have good breathability – the legs sweat less. But they are poorly fixed, while running, the foot can “ride” in different directions. Therefore, a rigid frame is required on such models. These are inserts that are located in the heel, ankle or side. But you should not choose too hard shoes, they will hinder movement. 

On some models, the role of the frame is played by lacing, which starts almost from the sole. This option is suitable for those who choose soft sneakers. The lacing, located in this way, fixes the foot well.   

What else to consider when buying

There are elements that are not as important as all of the above, but they will create more comfort for the athlete. These include: 

  • removable insole – if necessary, it can be washed or replaced;
  • inner soft boot – better fixes the leg;
  • straps instead of laces – it is easier to tighten the sneaker across the width of the foot;
  • soft tongue – the upper part of the shoe will not press.

Buy sneakers from well-known manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Under Armor. These companies carry out special research in the field of sports and, according to the results, create comfortable equipment. Many basketball shoes are presented as men, but girls can also play in them. Basketball shoes from these brands do not have a gender division. Choose sneakers exactly on the leg. If ordering from an online store, check the size chart. Now you know how to choose the right running shoes. Choosing basketball shoes, taking into account all the recommendations, it will be easier for you to lead your team to victory!

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